BitShares-Core  5.0.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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asset_object.hpp File Reference
#include <graphene/chain/types.hpp>
#include <graphene/db/generic_index.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/asset_ops.hpp>
#include <boost/multi_index/composite_key.hpp>

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class  graphene::chain::asset_dynamic_data_object
 tracks the asset information that changes frequentlyBecause the asset_object is very large it doesn't make sense to save an undo state for all of the parameters that never change. This object factors out the parameters of an asset that change in almost every transaction that involves the asset. More...
class  graphene::chain::asset_object
 tracks the parameters of an assetAll assets have a globally unique symbol name that controls how they are traded and an issuer who has authority over the parameters of the asset. More...
struct  graphene::chain::price_feed_with_icr
 defines market parameters for margin positions, extended with an initial_collateral_ratio field More...
class  graphene::chain::asset_bitasset_data_object
 contains properties that only apply to bitassets (market issued assets) More...
struct  graphene::chain::bitasset_short_backing_asset_extractor




typedef multi_index_container< asset_bitasset_data_object, indexed_by< ordered_unique< tag< by_id >, member< object, object_id_type,&object::id > >, ordered_non_unique< tag< by_short_backing_asset >, bitasset_short_backing_asset_extractor >, ordered_unique< tag< by_feed_expiration >, composite_key< asset_bitasset_data_object, const_mem_fun< asset_bitasset_data_object, time_point_sec,&asset_bitasset_data_object::feed_expiration_time >, member< asset_bitasset_data_object, asset_id_type,&asset_bitasset_data_object::asset_id > > >, ordered_non_unique< tag< by_cer_update >, const_mem_fun< asset_bitasset_data_object, bool,&asset_bitasset_data_object::need_to_update_cer > > > > graphene::chain::asset_bitasset_data_object_multi_index_type
typedef generic_index< asset_bitasset_data_object, asset_bitasset_data_object_multi_index_type > graphene::chain::asset_bitasset_data_index
typedef multi_index_container< asset_object, indexed_by< ordered_unique< tag< by_id >, member< object, object_id_type,&object::id > >, ordered_unique< tag< by_symbol >, member< asset_object, string,&asset_object::symbol > >, ordered_unique< tag< by_type >, composite_key< asset_object, const_mem_fun< asset_object, bool,&asset_object::is_market_issued >, member< object, object_id_type,&object::id > > >, ordered_unique< tag< by_issuer >, composite_key< asset_object, member< asset_object, account_id_type,&asset_object::issuer >, member< object, object_id_type,&object::id > > > > > graphene::chain::asset_object_multi_index_type
typedef generic_index< asset_object, asset_object_multi_index_type > graphene::chain::asset_index