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BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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asset_ops.hpp File Reference
#include <graphene/protocol/base.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/asset.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/memo.hpp>

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struct  graphene::protocol::additional_asset_options
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_options
 The asset_options struct contains options available on all assets in the network. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::bitasset_options
 The bitasset_options struct contains configurable options available only to BitAssets. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::bitasset_options::ext
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_create_operation
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_create_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_global_settle_operation
 allows global settling of bitassets (black swan or prediction markets) More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_global_settle_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_settle_operation
 Schedules a market-issued asset for automatic settlementHolders of market-issued assests may request a forced settlement for some amount of their asset. This means that the specified sum will be locked by the chain and held for the settlement period, after which time the chain will choose a margin posision holder and buy the settled asset using the margin's collateral. The price of this sale will be based on the feed price for the market-issued asset being settled. The exact settlement price will be the feed price at the time of settlement with an offset in favor of the margin position, where the offset is a blockchain parameter set in the global_property_object. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_settle_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_settle_cancel_operation
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_settle_cancel_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_fund_fee_pool_operation
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_fund_fee_pool_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation
 Update options common to all assetsThere are a number of options which all assets in the network use. These options are enumerated in the asset_options struct. This operation is used to update these options for an existing asset. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation::ext
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_bitasset_operation
 Update options specific to BitAssetsBitAssets have some options which are not relevant to other asset types. This operation is used to update those options an an existing BitAsset. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_bitasset_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_feed_producers_operation
 Update the set of feed-producing accounts for a BitAssetBitAssets have price feeds selected by taking the median values of recommendations from a set of feed producers. This operation is used to specify which accounts may produce feeds for a given BitAsset. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_feed_producers_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_publish_feed_operation
 Publish price feeds for market-issued assetsPrice feed providers use this operation to publish their price feeds for market-issued assets. A price feed is used to tune the market for a particular market-issued asset. For each value in the feed, the median across all committee_member feeds for that asset is calculated and the market for the asset is configured with the median of that value. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_publish_feed_operation::ext
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_publish_feed_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_issue_operation
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_issue_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_reserve_operation
 used to take an asset out of circulation, returning to the issuer More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_reserve_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_claim_fees_operation
 used to transfer accumulated fees back to the issuer's balance. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_claim_fees_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_claim_fees_operation::additional_options_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_issuer_operation
 Update issuer of an assetAn issuer has general administrative power of an asset and in some cases also its shares issued to individuals. Thus, changing the issuer today requires the use of a separate operation that needs to be signed by the owner authority. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_update_issuer_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_claim_pool_operation
 Transfers BTS from the fee pool of a specified asset back to the issuer's balance. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::asset_claim_pool_operation::fee_parameters_type




typedef extension< additional_asset_options > graphene::protocol::additional_asset_options_t


bool graphene::protocol::is_valid_symbol (const string &symbol)