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base58.cpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <limits>
#include <algorithm>
#include <string.h>
#include <fc/log/logger.hpp>
#include <fc/exception/exception.hpp>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <openssl/bn.h>

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class  fc::detail::bignum_error
class  fc::detail::CAutoBN_CTX
class  fc::detail::CBigNum




#define BITCOIN_BASE58_H


const CBigNum fc::detail::operator+ (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator- (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator- (const CBigNum &a)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator* (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator/ (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator% (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator<< (const CBigNum &a, unsigned int shift)
const CBigNum fc::detail::operator>> (const CBigNum &a, unsigned int shift)
bool fc::detail::operator== (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
bool fc::detail::operator!= (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
bool fc::detail::operator<= (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
bool fc::detail::operator>= (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
bool fc::detail::operator< (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
bool fc::detail::operator> (const CBigNum &a, const CBigNum &b)
std::string fc::detail::EncodeBase58 (const unsigned char *pbegin, const unsigned char *pend)
std::string fc::detail::EncodeBase58 (const std::vector< unsigned char > &vch)
bool fc::detail::DecodeBase58 (const char *psz, std::vector< unsigned char > &vchRet)
bool fc::detail::DecodeBase58 (const std::string &str, std::vector< unsigned char > &vchRet)
std::string fc::to_base58 (const char *d, size_t s)
std::string fc::to_base58 (const std::vector< char > &data)
std::vector< char > fc::from_base58 (const std::string &base58_str)
size_t fc::from_base58 (const std::string &base58_str, char *out_data, size_t out_data_len)

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#define BITCOIN_BASE58_H

Definition at line 16 of file base58.cpp.