BitShares-Core  5.1.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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1 #pragma once
2 #include <string>
3 #include <vector>
5 namespace fc {
6  std::string to_base58( const char* d, size_t s );
7  std::string to_base58( const std::vector<char>& data );
8  std::vector<char> from_base58( const std::string& base58_str );
9  size_t from_base58( const std::string& base58_str, char* out_data, size_t out_data_len );
10 }
std::string to_base58(const char *d, size_t s)
Definition: base58.cpp:612
std::vector< char > from_base58(const std::string &base58_str)
Definition: base58.cpp:622
defines wrappers for boost::asio functions
Definition: api.hpp:15