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fc::log_context Class Reference

provides information about where and when a log message was generated. More...

#include <log_message.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 log_context ()
 log_context (log_level ll, const char *file, uint64_t line, const char *method)
 ~log_context ()
 log_context (const variant &v, uint32_t max_depth)
variant to_variant (uint32_t max_depth) const
std::string get_file () const
uint64_t get_line_number () const
std::string get_method () const
std::string get_thread_name () const
std::string get_task_name () const
std::string get_host_name () const
time_point get_timestamp () const
log_level get_log_level () const
std::string get_context () const
void append_context (const std::string &c)
std::string to_string () const

Detailed Description

provides information about where and when a log message was generated.

See also

Definition at line 56 of file log_message.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fc::log_context::log_context ( )

Definition at line 44 of file log_message.cpp.

fc::log_context::log_context ( log_level  ll,
const char *  file,
uint64_t  line,
const char *  method 

Definition at line 47 of file log_message.cpp.

fc::log_context::~log_context ( )

Definition at line 91 of file log_message.cpp.

fc::log_context::log_context ( const variant v,
uint32_t  max_depth 

Definition at line 61 of file log_message.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void fc::log_context::append_context ( const std::string &  c)

Definition at line 84 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_context ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_file ( ) const

Definition at line 155 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_host_name ( ) const

Definition at line 160 of file log_message.cpp.

uint64_t fc::log_context::get_line_number ( ) const

Definition at line 156 of file log_message.cpp.

log_level fc::log_context::get_log_level ( ) const

Definition at line 162 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_method ( ) const

Definition at line 157 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_task_name ( ) const

Definition at line 159 of file log_message.cpp.

string fc::log_context::get_thread_name ( ) const

Definition at line 158 of file log_message.cpp.

time_point fc::log_context::get_timestamp ( ) const

Definition at line 161 of file log_message.cpp.

std::string fc::log_context::to_string ( ) const

Definition at line 78 of file log_message.cpp.

variant fc::log_context::to_variant ( uint32_t  max_depth) const

Definition at line 166 of file log_message.cpp.

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