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graphene::chain::custom_authority_object Class Reference

Tracks account custom authorities. More...

#include <custom_authority_object.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for graphene::chain::custom_authority_object:
graphene::db::abstract_object< custom_authority_object > graphene::db::object

Public Member Functions

bool is_valid (time_point_sec now) const
 Check whether the custom authority is valid. More...
vector< restrictionget_restrictions () const
 Get the restrictions as a vector rather than a map. More...
restriction_predicate_function get_predicate () const
 Get predicate, from cache if possible, and update cache if not (modifies const object!) More...
void update_predicate_cache () const
 Regenerate predicate function and update predicate cache. More...
void clear_predicate_cache ()
 Clear the cache of the predicate function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::db::abstract_object< custom_authority_object >
virtual unique_ptr< objectclone () const
 these methods are implemented for derived classes by inheriting abstract_object<DerivedClass> More...
virtual void move_from (object &obj)
virtual variant to_variant () const
virtual vector< char > pack () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::db::object
 object ()
virtual ~object ()

Public Attributes

account_id_type account
bool enabled
time_point_sec valid_from
time_point_sec valid_to
unsigned_int operation_type
authority auth
flat_map< uint16_t, restrictionrestrictions
uint16_t restriction_counter = 0
- Public Attributes inherited from graphene::db::object
object_id_type id

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint8_t space_id = protocol_ids
static constexpr uint8_t type_id = custom_authority_object_type

Detailed Description

Tracks account custom authorities.

Definition at line 39 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::clear_predicate_cache ( )

Clear the cache of the predicate function.

Definition at line 79 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

restriction_predicate_function graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::get_predicate ( ) const

Get predicate, from cache if possible, and update cache if not (modifies const object!)

Definition at line 68 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

vector<restriction> graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::get_restrictions ( ) const

Get the restrictions as a vector rather than a map.

Definition at line 61 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

bool graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::is_valid ( time_point_sec  now) const

Check whether the custom authority is valid.

Definition at line 58 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

void graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::update_predicate_cache ( ) const

Regenerate predicate function and update predicate cache.

Definition at line 75 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

account_id_type graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::account

Definition at line 48 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

authority graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::auth

Definition at line 53 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

bool graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::enabled

Definition at line 49 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

unsigned_int graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::operation_type

Definition at line 52 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

uint16_t graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::restriction_counter = 0

Definition at line 55 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

flat_map<uint16_t, restriction> graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::restrictions

Definition at line 54 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

constexpr uint8_t graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::space_id = protocol_ids

Definition at line 45 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

constexpr uint8_t graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::type_id = custom_authority_object_type

Definition at line 46 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

time_point_sec graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::valid_from

Definition at line 50 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

time_point_sec graphene::chain::custom_authority_object::valid_to

Definition at line 51 of file custom_authority_object.hpp.

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