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graphene::chain::htlc_object Class Reference

database object to store HTLCs More...

#include <htlc_object.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for graphene::chain::htlc_object:
graphene::db::abstract_object< htlc_object > graphene::db::object


struct  condition_info
struct  from_extractor
struct  timelock_extractor
struct  to_extractor
struct  transfer_info

Public Attributes

struct graphene::chain::htlc_object::transfer_info transfer
struct graphene::chain::htlc_object::condition_info conditions
fc::optional< memo_datamemo
- Public Attributes inherited from graphene::db::object
object_id_type id

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint8_t space_id = protocol_ids
static constexpr uint8_t type_id = htlc_object_type

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::db::abstract_object< htlc_object >
virtual unique_ptr< objectclone () const
 these methods are implemented for derived classes by inheriting abstract_object<DerivedClass> More...
virtual void move_from (object &obj)
virtual variant to_variant () const
virtual vector< char > pack () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::db::object
 object ()
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

database object to store HTLCs

This object is stored in the database while an HTLC is active. The HTLC will become inactive at expiration or when unlocked via the preimage.

Definition at line 40 of file htlc_object.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

struct graphene::chain::htlc_object::condition_info graphene::chain::htlc_object::conditions
fc::optional<memo_data> graphene::chain::htlc_object::memo

Definition at line 62 of file htlc_object.hpp.

constexpr uint8_t graphene::chain::htlc_object::space_id = protocol_ids

Definition at line 43 of file htlc_object.hpp.

struct graphene::chain::htlc_object::transfer_info graphene::chain::htlc_object::transfer
constexpr uint8_t graphene::chain::htlc_object::type_id = htlc_object_type

Definition at line 44 of file htlc_object.hpp.

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