BitShares-Core  6.1.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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committee_member.hpp File Reference
#include <graphene/protocol/base.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/asset.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/chain_parameters.hpp>

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struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_create_operation
 Create a committee_member object, as a bid to hold a committee_member seat on the network.Accounts which wish to become committee_members may use this operation to create a committee_member object which stakeholders may vote on to approve its position as a committee_member. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_create_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_update_operation
 Update a committee_member object.Currently the only field which can be updated is the url field. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_update_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_update_global_parameters_operation
 Used by committee_members to update the global parameters of the blockchain.This operation allows the committee_members to update the global parameters on the blockchain. These control various tunable aspects of the chain, including block and maintenance intervals, maximum data sizes, the fees charged by the network, etc. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::committee_member_update_global_parameters_operation::fee_parameters_type