BitShares-Core  6.1.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
Serializable _types

Classes that may be converted to/from an variant. More...


class  fc::exception
 Used to generate a useful error report when an exception is thrown.At each level in the stack where the exception is caught and rethrown a new log_message is added to the exception. More...
class  fc::unhandled_exception
 re-thrown whenever an unhandled exception is caught.Any exceptions thrown by 3rd party libraries that are not caught get wrapped in an unhandled_exception exception. More...

Detailed Description

Classes that may be converted to/from an variant.

To make a class 'serializable' the following methods must be available for your Serializable_type

void to_variant( const Serializable_type& e, variant& v, uint32_t max_depth );
void from_variant( const variant& e, Serializable_type& ll, uint32_t max_depth );