BitShares-Core  6.1.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
Stealth Transfer

Operations related to stealth transfer of value. More...


struct  graphene::protocol::blind_memo
struct  graphene::protocol::blind_input
struct  graphene::protocol::stealth_confirmation
class  graphene::protocol::blind_output
 Defines data required to create a new blind commitmentThe blinded output that must be proven to be greater than 0. More...
class  graphene::protocol::transfer_to_blind_operation
 Converts public account balance to a blinded or stealth balance. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::transfer_from_blind_operation
 Converts blinded/stealth balance to a public account balance. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::blind_transfer_operation
 Transfers from blind to blind. More...

Detailed Description

Operations related to stealth transfer of value.

Stealth Transfers enable users to maintain their finanical privacy against even though all transactions are public. Every account has three balances:

  1. Public Balance - everyone can see the balance changes and the parties involved
  2. Blinded Balance - everyone can see who is transacting but not the amounts involved
  3. Stealth Balance - both the amounts and parties involved are obscured

Account owners may set a flag that allows their account to receive(or not) transfers of these kinds Asset issuers can enable or disable the use of each of these types of accounts.

Using the "temp account" which has no permissions required, users can transfer a stealth balance to the temp account and then use the temp account to register a new account. In this way users can use stealth funds to create anonymous accounts with which they can perform other actions that are not compatible with blinded balances (such as market orders)

Referral Progam

Stealth transfers that do not specify any account id cannot pay referral fees so 100% of the transaction fee is paid to the network.


Stealth transfers can have an arbitrarylly large size and therefore the transaction fee for stealth transfers is based purley on the data size of the transaction.