BitShares-Core  5.0.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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graphene::chain::detail Namespace Reference


struct  gen_seq
struct  gen_seq< 0, Is... >
struct  get_impacted_account_visitor
struct  pending_transactions_restorer
struct  seq
struct  skip_flags_restorer
struct  vbo_mfs_key
struct  vesting_balance_object_equal
struct  vesting_balance_object_hash
struct  vote_recalc_options
struct  vote_recalc_times


void check_asset_options_hf_1774 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_options &options)
void check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip74 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const bitasset_options &options)
void check_asset_options_hf_bsip81 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_options &options)
void check_asset_options_hf_bsip_48_75 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_options &options)
void check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip_48_75 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const bitasset_options &options)
void check_asset_update_extensions_hf_bsip_48_75 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_update_operation::ext &extensions)
void check_asset_publish_feed_extensions_hf_bsip77 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_publish_feed_operation::ext &extensions)
void check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip77 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const bitasset_options &options)
void check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip87 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const bitasset_options &options)
void check_asset_claim_fees_hardfork_87_74_collatfee (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const asset_claim_fees_operation &op)
share_type calculate_percent (const share_type &value, uint16_t percent)
void check_htlc_create_hf_bsip64 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const htlc_create_operation &op, const asset_object &asset_to_transfer)
void check_htlc_redeem_hf_bsip64 (const fc::time_point_sec &block_time, const htlc_redeem_operation &op, const htlc_object *htlc_obj)
template<typename T , int... Is>
void for_each (T &&t, const account_object &a, seq< Is... >)
template<typename Lambda >
void with_skip_flags (database &db, uint32_t skip_flags, Lambda callback)
template<typename Lambda >
void without_pending_transactions (database &db, std::vector< processed_transaction > &&pending_transactions, Lambda callback)
bool _is_authorized_asset (const database &d, const account_object &acct, const asset_object &asset_obj)
uint64_t vbo_mfs_hash (const account_id_type &account_id, const asset_id_type &asset_id)

Function Documentation

bool graphene::chain::detail::_is_authorized_asset ( const database d,
const account_object acct,
const asset_object asset_obj 

Definition at line 35 of file is_authorized_asset.cpp.

share_type graphene::chain::detail::calculate_percent ( const share_type value,
uint16_t  percent 

Definition at line 39 of file db_market.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_claim_fees_hardfork_87_74_collatfee ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_claim_fees_operation op 

Definition at line 138 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_options_hf_1774 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_options options 

Definition at line 39 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_options_hf_bsip81 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_options options 

Definition at line 58 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_options_hf_bsip_48_75 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_options options 

Definition at line 68 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_publish_feed_extensions_hf_bsip77 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_publish_feed_operation::ext extensions 

Definition at line 109 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_asset_update_extensions_hf_bsip_48_75 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const asset_update_operation::ext extensions 

Definition at line 95 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip74 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const bitasset_options options 

Definition at line 49 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip77 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const bitasset_options options 

Definition at line 121 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip87 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const bitasset_options options 

Definition at line 130 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_bitasset_options_hf_bsip_48_75 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const bitasset_options options 

Definition at line 80 of file asset_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_htlc_create_hf_bsip64 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const htlc_create_operation op,
const asset_object asset_to_transfer 

Definition at line 34 of file htlc_evaluator.cpp.

void graphene::chain::detail::check_htlc_redeem_hf_bsip64 ( const fc::time_point_sec block_time,
const htlc_redeem_operation op,
const htlc_object htlc_obj 

Definition at line 57 of file htlc_evaluator.cpp.

template<typename T , int... Is>
void graphene::chain::detail::for_each ( T &&  t,
const account_object a,
seq< Is... >   

Definition at line 701 of file database.hpp.

uint64_t graphene::chain::detail::vbo_mfs_hash ( const account_id_type &  account_id,
const asset_id_type &  asset_id 

Calculate a hash for account_id_type and asset_id. Use 48 bit value (see object_id.hpp) for account_id and XOR it with 24 bit for asset_id

Definition at line 206 of file vesting_balance_object.hpp.

template<typename Lambda >
void graphene::chain::detail::with_skip_flags ( database db,
uint32_t  skip_flags,
Lambda  callback 

Set the skip_flags to the given value, call callback, then reset skip_flags to their previous value after callback is done.

Definition at line 113 of file db_with.hpp.

template<typename Lambda >
void graphene::chain::detail::without_pending_transactions ( database db,
std::vector< processed_transaction > &&  pending_transactions,
Lambda  callback 

Empty pending_transactions, call callback, then reset pending_transactions after callback is done.

Pending transactions which no longer validate will be culled.

Definition at line 132 of file db_with.hpp.