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graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 get_required_fees_helper (const fee_schedule &_current_fee_schedule, const price &_core_exchange_rate, uint32_t _max_recursion)
fc::variant set_op_fees (operation &op)
fc::variant set_proposal_create_op_fees (operation &proposal_create_op)

Public Attributes

const fee_schedule & current_fee_schedule
const pricecore_exchange_rate
uint32_t max_recursion
uint32_t current_recursion = 0

Detailed Description

Container method for mutually recursive functions used to implement get_required_fees() with potentially nested proposals.

Definition at line 2228 of file database_api.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::get_required_fees_helper ( const fee_schedule &  _current_fee_schedule,
const price _core_exchange_rate,
uint32_t  _max_recursion 

Definition at line 2230 of file database_api.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

fc::variant graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::set_op_fees ( operation op)

Definition at line 2240 of file database_api.cpp.

fc::variant graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::set_proposal_create_op_fees ( operation proposal_create_op)

Definition at line 2255 of file database_api.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

const price& graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::core_exchange_rate

Definition at line 2275 of file database_api.cpp.

const fee_schedule& graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::current_fee_schedule

Definition at line 2274 of file database_api.cpp.

uint32_t graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::current_recursion = 0

Definition at line 2277 of file database_api.cpp.

uint32_t graphene::app::get_required_fees_helper::max_recursion

Definition at line 2276 of file database_api.cpp.

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