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graphene::app::more_data Struct Reference

#include <api_objects.hpp>

Public Attributes

bool balances = false
bool vesting_balances = false
bool limit_orders = false
bool call_orders = false
bool settle_orders = false
bool proposals = false
bool assets = false
bool withdraws_from = false
bool withdraws_to = false
bool htlcs_from = false
bool htlcs_to = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file api_objects.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool graphene::app::more_data::assets = false

Definition at line 51 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::balances = false

Definition at line 45 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::call_orders = false

Definition at line 48 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::htlcs_from = false

Definition at line 54 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::htlcs_to = false

Definition at line 55 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::limit_orders = false

Definition at line 47 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::proposals = false

Definition at line 50 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::settle_orders = false

Definition at line 49 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::vesting_balances = false

Definition at line 46 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::withdraws_from = false

Definition at line 52 of file api_objects.hpp.

bool graphene::app::more_data::withdraws_to = false

Definition at line 53 of file api_objects.hpp.

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