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graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation::ext Struct Reference

#include <asset_ops.hpp>

Public Attributes

fc::optional< uint8_t > new_precision
fc::optional< bool > skip_core_exchange_rate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 309 of file asset_ops.hpp.

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fc::optional<uint8_t> graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation::ext::new_precision

After BSIP48, the precision of an asset can be updated if no supply is available

The parties involved still need to be careful

Definition at line 313 of file asset_ops.hpp.

fc::optional<bool> graphene::protocol::asset_update_operation::ext::skip_core_exchange_rate

After BSIP48, if this option is set to true, the asset's core_exchange_rate won't be updated. This is especially useful for committee-owned bitassets which can not be updated quickly.

Definition at line 316 of file asset_ops.hpp.

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