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graphene::wallet::wallet_data Struct Reference

#include <wallet_structs.hpp>

Public Member Functions

vector< object_id_typemy_account_ids () const
bool update_account (const account_object &acct)

Public Attributes

chain_id_type chain_id
account_multi_index_type my_accounts
vector< char > cipher_keys
map< account_id_type, set< public_key_type > > extra_keys
map< string, vector< string > > pending_account_registrations
map< string, string > pending_witness_registrations
key_label_index_type labeled_keys
blind_receipt_index_type blind_receipts
string ws_server = "ws://localhost:8090"
string ws_user
string ws_password

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

vector<object_id_type> graphene::wallet::wallet_data::my_account_ids ( ) const
IDs of all accounts in my_accounts

Definition at line 156 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

bool graphene::wallet::wallet_data::update_account ( const account_object acct)

Add acct to my_accounts, or update it if it is already in my_accounts

true if the account was newly inserted; false if it was only updated

Definition at line 166 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

blind_receipt_index_type graphene::wallet::wallet_data::blind_receipts

Definition at line 192 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

chain_id_type graphene::wallet::wallet_data::chain_id

Chain ID this wallet is used with

Definition at line 153 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

vector<char> graphene::wallet::wallet_data::cipher_keys

encrypted keys

Definition at line 181 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

map<account_id_type, set<public_key_type> > graphene::wallet::wallet_data::extra_keys

map an account to a set of extra keys that have been imported for that account

Definition at line 184 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

key_label_index_type graphene::wallet::wallet_data::labeled_keys

Definition at line 191 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

account_multi_index_type graphene::wallet::wallet_data::my_accounts

Definition at line 154 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

map<string, vector<string> > graphene::wallet::wallet_data::pending_account_registrations

Definition at line 188 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

map<string, string> graphene::wallet::wallet_data::pending_witness_registrations

Definition at line 189 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

string graphene::wallet::wallet_data::ws_password

Definition at line 196 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

string graphene::wallet::wallet_data::ws_server = "ws://localhost:8090"

Definition at line 194 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

string graphene::wallet::wallet_data::ws_user

Definition at line 195 of file wallet_structs.hpp.

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