BitShares-Core  6.1.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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1 #include <fc/io/varint.hpp>
2 #include <fc/variant.hpp>
4 namespace fc
5 {
6 void to_variant( const unsigned_int& var, variant& vo, uint32_t max_depth ) { vo = var.value; }
7 void from_variant( const variant& var, unsigned_int& vo, uint32_t max_depth ) { vo.value = var.as_uint64(); }
8 }
uint64_t as_uint64() const
Definition: variant.cpp:398
void to_variant(const flat_set< T, A... > &var, variant &vo, uint32_t _max_depth)
Definition: flat.hpp:105
stores null, int64, uint64, double, bool, string, std::vector<variant>, and variant_object&#39;s.
Definition: variant.hpp:198
void from_variant(const variant &var, flat_set< T, A... > &vo, uint32_t _max_depth)
Definition: flat.hpp:116
Definition: api.hpp:15
uint64_t value
Definition: varint.hpp:17