BitShares-Core  5.0.0
BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface software
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withdraw_permission.hpp File Reference
#include <graphene/protocol/base.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/asset.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/memo.hpp>

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struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_create_operation
 Create a new withdrawal permissionThis operation creates a withdrawal permission, which allows some authorized account to withdraw from an authorizing account. This operation is primarily useful for scheduling recurring payments. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_create_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_update_operation
 Update an existing withdraw permissionThis oeration is used to update the settings for an existing withdrawal permission. The accounts to withdraw to and from may never be updated. The fields which may be updated are the withdrawal limit (both amount and asset type may be updated), the withdrawal period length, the remaining number of periods until expiration, and the starting time of the new period. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_update_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_claim_operation
 Withdraw from an account which has published a withdrawal permissionThis operation is used to withdraw from an account which has authorized such a withdrawal. It may be executed at most once per withdrawal period for the given permission. On execution, amount_to_withdraw is transferred from withdraw_from_account to withdraw_to_account, assuming amount_to_withdraw is within the withdrawal limit. The withdrawal permission will be updated to note that the withdrawal for the current period has occurred, and further withdrawals will not be permitted until the next withdrawal period, assuming the permission has not expired. This operation may be executed at any time within the current withdrawal period. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_claim_operation::fee_parameters_type
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_delete_operation
 Delete an existing withdrawal permissionThis operation cancels a withdrawal permission, thus preventing any future withdrawals using that permission. More...
struct  graphene::protocol::withdraw_permission_delete_operation::fee_parameters_type